What’s the secret to a good-looking backyard? In most cases it starts with a little, sometimes a lot, of work and organization. Whether you have a big property or a small lot, these savvy and practical tips can help you keep your outdoor living areas neat and organized all year long.

Prune and trim overgrown hedges and trees

A well-maintained yard can keep your outdoor space looking like it came straight from the glossy pages of a home and gardening magazine. If you have fruit trees on your property, they need to be trimmed each spring to produce. For other trees and shrubs, when you need to prune depends on the time of year they bloom or fruit. As a general rule, the types that fruit or flower after midsummer should be trimmed in spring. And hedges should be trimmed up at the end of winter or early spring.

Add a hose reel to your home

Tired of tripping over your garden hose? If you need a little help with your hoses, consider using a hose reel. This helpful tool can keep your garden hose neatly stored from season to season. Or, opt for another solution. If you have time for a quick DIY project, consider mounting a large hook with a steep angle onto a sturdy surface. Your garden hose can be easily wound and coiled on the hook.

Create your own potting workstation

Homeowners with a green thumb know that gardening can be messy sometimes. When it comes time to plant your annuals or put vegetable sprouts into pots, make sure that you have a designated area in your backyard to do just that. Create your own potting station by using two metal trash cans and a re-purposed door for the tabletop surface. While you may be skeptical of the way it sounds the finished product looks very chic.

Opt for an outdoor shed

Free up space in your garage and keep your garden tools neatly stored in your backyard with the addition of an outdoor shed. An organized shed can store a variety of tools. Keep your hand tools, well, handy, by attaching a tool hanger to the inside of the door. Like in your kitchen, you can put a magnet strip to work to hold and organize your metal gardening items such as pruning shears and trowels. Added shelves can maximize the space in smaller sheds. And you can cut back on clutter by adding metal or plastic bins to keep smaller items and tools organized.

Don’t overlook garden maintenance

Maintaining your flower beds and garden areas is key when it comes to keeping your backyard neat and organized. And while there are many tips and tricks that can keep your garden looking great, there is one solution that provides multiple benefits—mulch. Not only does mulch retain moisture in the soil, it breaks down over time and contributes to overall soil health. Mulch also helps with both weed and erosion control. And certain mulch varieties, including cedar, cypress and pinewood repel pests such as ticks, gnats, and fleas.

From trimming up your trees and shrubs on a regular basis to adding a storage shed to your property, these tips are sure to make your backyard more organized and enjoyable.