Few items of plant products have garnered international attention like cannabidiol. With the last few years, interest in CBD for help with physical ailments has surged, leaving many states in the U.S. having to alter their regulations in order to please the masses. The market for the U.S. alone is expected to grow to $16.32 billion by the year 2026. This creates an opportunity for you to invest in an industry that is sure to produce profits and provide you with the ability to own your own business. The diversity of the benefits CBD offers has opened up the consumer base to include all ages, and even pets. This provides a wide range of customers to sell to that will increase your sales. However, there are several things to keep in mind as you design an effective sales and marketing strategy for your business.

Choose Your Product Carefully

There is a huge difference between selling marijuana and CBD. Though CBD is extracted from either marijuana or hemp plants, it is a substance that doesn’t carry the same psychoactive effects as the drug itself. There are also two categories of CBD, either therapeutic grade or food grade.  For most products that are on the commercial market and advertised, the extracts for either category are taken from industrial hemp, but therapeutic grade CBD has the largest holdings of the market share. Just under 60% of purchases and production were to meet therapeutic demands. The interest in the plant supplement is hard to ignore, with advertisements on social media gathering a lot of attention. Users who have found help for their ailments or anxiety post their success stories and links to purchase quality CBD products. With the right strategy, you shouldn’t have any trouble trying to get consumers to purchase from your business. The data proves this to be true.

Find Customers Wherever They Are

A recent study indicated that about 40% of American consumers that were over the age of 21 would be willing to try CBD products and evaluate what the hype is all about. At first many people were skeptical of the new product for a variety of reasons, but as more and more people try them with success, word of mouth spreads quickly and future customers are made. Marketing trends show that most consumers turn to online reviews and social media recommendations before purchasing any product or hiring a service. When you combine these trends, you have a market that is full of opportunity, and all within your reach. Marketing strategies need to account for consumer trends, but you must also keep in mind variations in state legislation and the sale of CBD products. These change often as the products become more popular so keep your finger on the pulse of the state that you are selling from as well as where you are selling to. You will have to adapt your efforts to what is legally allowed.

Give Them More Than a Quality Product

It is no secret that jumping into the CBD market will be challenged by the amount of competition you will find around the world. Companies are continually being established to snag another small share of the industry, but that doesn’t mean your efforts can’t be successful. For your products to stand out from the rest, spend considerable time and effort differentiating yourself from everyone else. The quality of your products and the customer-centric approach you take will be positive ways to stand out, but another way is through giving your consumers both an education and experience when they deal with your company. Your website and social profile content should be compelling, engaging, and share-worthy. Highlight the benefits of using the product, and use video content to make the topics more appealing. You can share recipes that include CBD, or you can interview consumers that have had success with pain relief or minimal anxiety because of your products. The more creating you can get with your content, the more compelled consumers will be to follow your business and find out what will be happening next.

Balance Your Efforts With Retention and New Acquisitions

It will be easy to ride high on the sales from first-time buyers, but your efforts need to include retention and developing consumer loyalty if you are going to have long-term success. Your marketing efforts will draw attention to yourself, but by extending your efforts to affiliate marketing, you can promote even bigger brand awareness. Your efforts to make both old and new customers happy could include a newsletter, giveaways, contests, loyalty programs, and customer appreciation events. Having customers take part in surveys can give you better insight into addressing the wants and needs of your entire market base.

Those who have an interest in a highly profitable business venture may wish to take advantage of the “Green Rush” that is occurring with CBD. Knowing these tips lets you craft a strategy that will stand out from the competition and make your new business one that will succeed.