It’s no secret that working from home can be a great thing. The flexibility of the work schedule, the ability to wear what you want, and avoid traffic jams are all perks that come with working remotely. But there is one major drawback: technology! Working remotely means sitting in your home office for most of the day, and this home office may not have been designed as a permanent solution for your work! However, with a few gadgets here and there, you can have a fully functioning home office that’s just as efficient as your office back at work! That said, have a look down below at four tech devices that will make working from home more comfortable.

#1 Wide Monitor

A monitor that spans the length of your desk is a great start to make working from home more comfortable. Having an extra-wide screen gives you plenty of room for multiple windows and lets you avoid squinting at small text!

#2 Portable wifi router

Another device that you should definitely invest in is a portable wifi router. This will allow for the wireless transmission of data, and if your home office doesn’t have excellent wifi service, then this can be life-changing! Forget about all those moments where you’re frustrated with trying to get work done because there’s constant buffering going on or when one little thing goes wrong, and everything becomes laggy.

Nowadays, these devices are ridiculously cheap, which makes it easier than ever for remote workers like yourself to buy one! It’ll help out tremendously when working at home.

#3 Multi-port adapter

The third device on your list would be a multi-port adapter. When you’re at home and working, it can sometimes be challenging to find space for all of the devices that you need in order to get things done. This is where a multi-port adapter comes in handy! These adapters are designed with power ports so that you can plug everything into one single spot (or two or three), which leaves more room for other items like furniture. This will make your workspace much less cluttered than before and also saves time because now there’s no longer any need to run around looking for an outlet when someone needs their laptop plugged in again!

#4 Apple AirPods

The last item on your list would be Apple AirPods. These are necessary for any remote work assignment, as they’ll allow you to stay in touch with the office without having to put away your phone and use a landline or Skype. These AirPods also work fantastic when busy with an online meeting on Zoom, and you’ll be able to hear everything crystal clear without having to ask someone to repeat themselves. Also, when it’s time to invest in a new smartphone, you can have a look at a Certified Used iPhone XR, which works great with these AirPods no matter where you’re on your way to!

Additionally, you can listen to music while working- which will make those long hours go by twice as fast! Make sure that when investing in these earbuds, you buy them directly from Apple so that there are no compatibility issues with other devices (like laptops) at some point down the line.

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