4 Habits that Make You More Attractive
If you think that people can only be born attractive you are wrong.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and every person has characteristics that make them beautiful. People are also getting smart enough to realize that being marketed to by unrealistic looking models is not what what sets the standard for beauty in our culture anymore. You may not realize that there are things you can do to create a positive image of yourself, which can go a long way. The more attractive you are as a person, the more likely you are to succeed in all aspects of life. Feeling attractive gives you the confidence to do great things! Here are 4 habits that make you more attractive.

4 Habits that Make You More Attractive - jenny at dapperhouse
1. Work on your smile.

It may sound cliché, but your smile is your first impression and people can fall in love with your smile! Make it a habit to smile more often, whether it’s at your boss, best friend, significant others, or a stranger. Good oral hygiene can also go a long way. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, and consider teeth whitening. Even if you have crooked teeth or crows feet that make you feel self conscious, wearing a smile is always more attractive than your flaws or insecurities.

SMILE - 4 Habits that Make You More Attractive - jenny at dapperhouse
2. Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep at night is a really big deal to your overall physical health, mental wellness and physical looks. Whether you need 6 or 10 hours of sleep, being well rested keeps your stress levels at bay, lets your body repair itself and improves your attitude. As an added benefit, studies have also found that sleep can help you lose weight, too!
3. Stay well hydrated.

Water is not just healthy, it is essential to life. Getting enough water each day helps cleanse toxins from your body that can keep your skin clearer and make you feel better. Staying hydrated fill your cells and plumps up your skin making it less prone to aging. To stay hydrated, drink more water and consume more water-based fruits and vegetables, such as celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon!

4 Habits that Make You More Attractive Right Now - jenny at dapperhouse

4. Be Happy

No one like to be around someone who is unhappy and always complaining about things. You will definitely be more attractive if you view the world as an optimist, see the good in things and lift people up with your good mood. Everyone loves to be around the beautiful person that is always fun and happy. Your attitude goes a long way in making you more attractive.
These are just four habits that make you more attractive. Taking care of your mind and body can go a long way in terms of how other people see you!

What do is something you do that makes you more attractive?

What do you notice about other people that make them attractive?