Clever Back to School Life Hacks

It is seriously hard to believe that Summer is nearing an end and Back to School is on the minds of parents and children everywhere. It’s true though, Summer is winding down and those back to school supply lists will create a madness topped only by Black Friday. Parents everywhere are preparing to wave goodbye to their kids while they venture off for another year of education, schedules, homework and after school activities. Meanwhile, it’s back to school to school shopping, sports and prep time back home. Today we want to share a few easy and clever back to school life hacks that every parent must know!

12 Clever Back to School Life Hacks that You Need to Know  - jenny at dapperhouse

  •  Use to research, it will give more accurate search results when helping kids with homework. And just in case you don’t know yet, wikipedia is not a valid source of information and not allowed for research.
  • This tip is perfect for middle and high school students; take a picture of your schedule and save it as the lock screen on your cell phone to easy remember where you need to be!
  • Find coupons and promo codes online for back to school gear and clothing; you will save the most money using this method.
  • Take last years clothes that don’t fit to a resale shop. Use the money you get on the trade in to purchase more clothing and it is almost an even trade!
  • Start purchasing an outfit each week leading up to school and your kids will have a whole new wardrobe without you spending a lot all at once for new clothes.
  • Copy and paste your child’s essay into Google Translate and listen to it, this will make sure you never miss a typo again.
  • Plan a menu for school lunches ahead of time with the kids. This way they will eat what they get and you don’t have to wonder what to pack them for lunches.
  • Freeze a wet sponge in a Ziploc plastic bag to use for keeping school lunches cooler, this is much more cost effective for when the kids accidently toss it in the trash at school.
  • If it is easier for you to shoe shop without your kids, instead of bringing them along to the store for shoes, simply trace their shoe and bring it to a shoe store to find the right sizes. No more fighting over shoe styles in the store!
  • Use an egg timer to boost those kids to get ready for school in record time, they will know when that timer sounds off, the bus (or car) is leaving for school.
  • Start implementing the school bedtime schedule about two weeks in advance so that the kids shave time to get used to early to bed and early to rise.
  • Purchase a BIG calendar to write down all events, sports meetings and other school agenda items so that your family knows where to be on what day and at what time! Hang it in a common area where it is easy for everyone to reference.


There are a lot of clever back to school life hacks that every parent must know, we simply hope these have helped boost your creative mind to move forward and prepare for back to school with ease! We hope you have a great year!