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My name is Jen Temcio.

I am the owner of jenny at dapperhouse blog and social  media which also includes dapperhouse. My blog covers a range of Family and Life topics such as; Parenting, Children, Education, Making a Difference/Social Service, Food, DIY, Crafts, Living Green, Fashion, Beauty, House & Home, Products, Holidays/ Celebrations, Pets, Vintage, and any issues that are “Family Friendly” in content.

My taglines are “Family Friendly Fun for Everyone” & “Helping Moms keep their crap together while having a little fun”. Jenny at dapperhouse is a blog with information tailored to moms of all ages trying to find balance between work and family and how to make the most of their precious time with their children. Jenny at dapperhouse has something for everyone with all the emphasis on these four words: fast, easy, frugal and fun. Anything goes here as long as it is a product, service or idea that would interest a mother who is an influential purchaser in the home. Making the lives of women organized, efficient, secure and happy is the goal for content from this blog.

I am available to create and execute social media promotions for

companies, brands, services and products.

I am available for publishing and promoting:

  • pre-written guest posts that are unique in content.
  • infographics
  • unique post  with specific key words and NO Follow links only
  • One high quality Pinterest ready image with text, ready to promote 
  • product reviews
  • service reviews
  • giveaways (Individual or Multi-Blogger) 
  • brand ambassadorships
  • other related services.
I can promote using the following media platforms:
blog e-mail 
*Other social media promotions not mentioned here can be agreed upon and arranged.
BLOGGERS: I ghost write unique blog content specified to your needs. If you are looking for text and or photos for your blog please message me with your needs.
Let’s connect professionally on Linked In 

I follow the FTC Rules for disclosing an arrangement where any company compensates jenny at dapperhouse as a  blogger for a review or sponsored post. I do give my personal opinions in my blog compensated or not. My opinions are my own and may differ from other’s. I do not give positive reviews or positive mentions for companies in exchange for compensation when I do not personally agree with the product, service or company. I give my own opinion and if my opinion is a negative one I will work with the company to give then the opportunity to not have my negative opinion published on my blog and other social media. 

I follow the disclosure guidelines for facebook and other social media.

Please Read this Explanation, especially #3 as it pertains to bloggers and marketers working together. Your product or service is no less valuable if there is a disclosure agreement on the post.


Thank you for your interest.

You may contact me at


*** CONTENT ON THIS SITE IS NOT FOR USE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE OWNER. Want to share something? I LOVE SHARING!! Just make sure you credit the source (jenny at dapperhouse blog). Want to use my posts or pics? Just ask

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