Aztec Print Bohemian Maxi Dress in Navy & White

*If you purchase this dress from my link I will receive a percentage of the sale.

This is a great dress for summer. It is light weight for warm weather. I love the Aztec print in navy and white are gorgeous.  The leather straps are a unique detail with braiding and beads and they are adjustable to create a perfect fit in the bust. I bought it on Amazon. The weird thing is that on the listing there is a burgundy style and a navy one too.  When you click on the “navy” dress, the first few pictures show a different dress and the last few are what the dress actually looks like. Choose “navy” and you will get this one. I paid $30 for this dress and feel that it is worth it. You can Click Here to Buy.

Aztec Bohemian Maxi Dress

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9 thoughts on “Aztec Print Bohemian Maxi Dress in Navy & White

  1. That’s a nice dress! I love Bohemian style clothing. I have an Aztec design cardigan which I love so much and I would love to have this dress too. I love the drawstring strap design. Really unique and pretty!

  2. I love the design and the cut of this dress. It is perfect for the summer. I see myself wearing it on a beach holiday!

  3. I love Maxi Dresses, they are so comfortable. I live in West Palm Beach, it is always so warm here, I need something flowy to let the air pass through me!

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