Circuit Training Workouts for Men to do at Home or the Gym

By: Paul Temcio

I have spent a great portion of my workouts doing circuit training, boot camp classes and private training with some cross fit thrown in. I like to take with me to the gym, a list of exercises to do that keep me on track and give me a good workout. It is easy to get distracted at the gym but also, some days it is hard to get motivated to do exercises that you don’t particularly like even though you should be doing them. Taking along a kind of “cheat sheet” can help you make the most of your time at the gym. You can pull these up on your phone and screen shot them to take with you.  Scroll down for each workout.

Circuit Training Workouts for Men to do at Home or the Gym

Pin these to your fitness and exercise boards.

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5 thoughts on “Circuit Training Workouts for Men to do at Home or the Gym

  1. You will chuckle – when I first saw the headline I saw Cricut, not circuit so I was expecting a craft article. Hahaha
    These look like really well rounded workouts. I am exhausted just from reading them

  2. I had not heard of circuit training workouts, I am so out of the loop with fitness stuff. Glad you shared this, I will have ot share with my male friends who are on a role trying to get fit!

  3. These are great workout ideas! My husband is a a big workout guy and we have a garage gym. I’m always trying to get him to set up workouts for me. haha

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