DIY Craft Tutorial for a Colorful Pom Pom Rug

Did you love the DIY tassel and pom pom pillows found here? Then you will love another fun and colorful craft from Amanda at It’s A Fabulous Life Blog. This time it is a colorful pom pom rug that feels good under your feet! It is a fun DIY craft for older children to do as well. You can buy pom pom that are the same colors and make an accent rug for any room! I am going to make a few myself and give them as gifts! This is a great craft project where you sit and catch up on your favorite shows while you work. Or, you can do it with a friend or a child and sit and talk while you work. I cant WAIT to make mine (and have a reason to take a break!) Here is how to make you Pom Pom Rug.


  • Plastic Canvas – You can use any size you wish, but I used a 12″ x 18″.  If looking in the craft store for this, check near the embroidery supplies.
  • Pom Poms – I used packs of assorted sizes and colors.  If you are trying to go for a particular color theme you can buy packs of individual colors.  You will need a lot of poms!  I used about a pound of poms.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue – lots!
  • Wax Paper
  • Nonslip Rug pad (optional)


  • Cover your work station in wax paper.  Hot glue will fall through the plastic canvas and you don’t want it sticking to your table!
  • Put a drop of hot glue on a pom pom and stick to your plastic canvas.  Be careful of your fingers!

  • Alternate colors and sizes, gluing the pom poms together without any space in between. 

  • Keep gluing until the canvas until completely covered.  

  • Remove any loose glue strands.
  • If you want, you can cut a piece of nonslip rug padding to fit and glue to the back of your canvas.   

Enjoy this fun craft!

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