Just Bloom Socks and Outfit Idea

I got a pair of Just Bloom socks for advertising purposes! My opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you order from me, I make a percentage of the sale. (thanks!)


If you read my post about my adorable cactus socks, you know how much I love Woven Pear brand! The patterns are colorful and cool, and they are so well made that they stay looking nice. So, I got another pair with a cute design on it called “Just Bloom”.

It is really, really, REALLY difficult to choose which socks to get because there are so many cute patterns. Look at all the sock designs they have!

With the cactus pair I had to create and outfit to match them but with this pair, I already had the colors in my wardrobe!

I had the peach tank, navy shorts, floral vintage sweater and light green jewelry.

(I think this outfit is really cute with the socks!)

Don’t you love Just Bloom and Woven Pear?

Do you get excited to get subscription boxes in the mail? Add Woven Pear‘s sock box to your list!
Woven Pear Sock Box

You can pin this one. . . do you have a board for fashion, or socks?

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19 thoughts on “Just Bloom Socks and Outfit Idea

  1. Those are some fun socks! I like having fun socks why be normal when you can have fun. My friends little girl wears loud socks and I really like that about her.

  2. These socks are so cute! They look great with your outfit too, colorful my not too kid like, I would love a pair.

  3. Those socks are adorable! What fun patterns. I love socks that are new and different. I can never figure out what to match them with and generally end up wearing plain white socks most of the time. I love how you showed the way you put the outfit together, makes me think of socks in a whole new light.

  4. Cute socks rock so hard! I love that funky socks have found their rightful place on the style spectrum. But let’s be honest, if they hadn’t, I’d still wear them with pride!

  5. This outfit is so cute. I love these socks. I always wear socks that have some style. I will have to pick up a few pairs.

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