Everything You Need to Pack for Your Trip (besides clothes)

I travel enough to have made some mistakes and forgotten some items so that now I am getting to be a pro at packing. I usually never check a bag, even when we go on vacay for a few days I fit everything into my carry-on bag and purse. I err on the side of less rather than more items so sometimes I forget to toss something in. I can not tell ¬†you ow many times I have forgotten a razor! I don’t know why it is always a razor but thank goodness that I have always been able to find some at a nearby drugstore! Once I did forget my toothbrush but that it such a silly, rookie mistake that I try not to bring it up. I have put together a list of my necessities for Everything you need to pack for your trip (besides clothes). I put it on a quick printable as well if you want to cross each item off like I like to do for a visual reminder. (Or just take a shot of the screen with your phone). I hope this helps you remember what you need and not get stuck without a critical item while traveling.

HINT: Once I forgot to bring a small clutch and ended up carrying my giant bag everywhere. Make sure to pack a small handbag or clutch.

Everything You Need to Pack for Your Trip (besides clothes)

identification (drivers licence/passport)
credit/bank card
devices (phone/tablet/computer)
charging cords
portable charger
feminine products
chewing gum
snacks (protein bars, crackers)
hair styling products
hair brush
hair styling tools
hair ties/clips/bobby pins/etc.
body/baby wipes
face wash
face lotion
body wash
body lotion
flossing sticks
cotton swabs
wrinkle remover spray
make up & brushes

TIP: Remember your razor!

Pack your dental health!

Did I miss something that is important to pack?
What do you take on your trips (besides clothes).


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8 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Pack for Your Trip (besides clothes)

  1. I never want to run out of toiletries. I need to make sure that I have everything I need, from the shampoo to the toothpaste. This is a good list! It has everything that you’ll find in my luggage aside from the clothes.

  2. This is a great list! You are definitely a pro. I never check a bag either, and I am always lugging around my checked bag bursting at the seams. Somehow, I always manage to forget something. I will need to print this list off and use it as my own check list.

  3. Trips are fun and so is packing, I love to keep everything organized with a checklist by my side and this is giving me a bigger conception of having a yet bigger for the follow ups of the packing

  4. This is fun! Makes me think and dream about my next trip and vacation! We have actually found that we don’t usually take shampoo, conditioner and body wash with us – we just use the ones from the hotel or take it from whoever we are staying with. Hotels always provide those for free, and while these toiletries might not be the best quality, at least we save the trouble of lugging these with us on the plane.

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