Reasons Why Salmon The Worlds Best Food

Salmon is definitely know as one of the worlds healthiest foods. The fact that is is incredibly delicious as well makes it a dream food. Did you know that it is also super fast and easy to cook? It really is the worlds best food. Here are 5 reasons why.

Reasons Why Salmon is the World's Best FOod - jenny at dapperhouse

1.) Salmon provides almost all of your daily protein needs. That is about 40 grams in a 5 ounce fillet.

2.) Salmon is one of the fastest proteins to prepare. You can grill it or pan cook it in under 15 minutes. You can bake it in even less time than that.

5 Reasons Why Salmon is the World's Best FOod - jenny at dapperhouse - How to Grill in 15 minutes

3.) Salmon has up to 100 % of your daily needs for Vitamin B. It is also packed with potassium and phosphorus.

4.) Salmon is a lean protein with fats that contain Omega 3’s (which your body can not make and are needed for good health).


5.) Salmon tastes amazing. It only needs to be seasoned with a little salt and pepper (and lemon) and it provides an incredible flavor. It does not have a”fishy” taste like other types of fish.

Do you like salmon? Did you know that it was so incredible?

Here is a link to How to Grill Salmon Perfectly Every Time

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