Better Things Helps You Celebrate Real & Raw of Parenting

Louis CK and Pamela Adlon’s Better Things on FX is not a family show. It is rated Mature and is only for Moms and Dads who are living “real life” parenting and need a hilarious and raw show to identify with. I have two kids in their 20’s and one in 8th grade. I have spent YEARS in the trenches of teenage issues and crazy parenting challenges that have aged me beyond belief and broken me down to a brittle shell of the perfect parent I wanted to be. (okay, so that might be a tiny bit over dramatic but I am just so tired and need a break!!!)


I consider myself a fun mom trying my absolute best. I try to instill good values, encourage high expectations and enforce fair rules. This has made the battles in our home furious and often as the teens fight to express their own beliefs that are very different from mine. I can totally relate to this show Better Things and the main character played by Pamela Adlon. In the pilot episode I watched, she actually had the exact conversation with her daughter that I have on a weekly basis with my son about brushing teeth!


Her and I have very similar personalities in that we get right down to the realness of life and we are trying our best to hang in there to find a balance of providing discipline from a place of intense love.


I know that this show Better Things is going to be a favorite of yours. Whether you are a parent of teens or a parent of kids who are challenging your sanity and strength, you will need this outlet as comedic relief and validation! I just hope that you can find 30 minutes of privacy from your kids to watch it- ha ha.


Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, juggling a million roles, or having moments of not being “the perfect parent” Better Things will make you smile!

Now for the Giveaway!


Enter to win a Swag Bag from Better Things and if you win, I will send you one! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment of a funny or crazy part of parenting from your own life. Share a “funny or not-so-funny” parenting moment with us!

The gift baskets will contain
• Ray-Ban Sunglasses
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• Leather Clutch for mom’s things
• Emergency Beauty Kit
• Hypoallergenic travel pillow
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• “Credit Card” Mints

Leave a comment below for an entry to win. Leave your name and email address. Must live in the continental US and be 18 years or older to win. Can not ship to P.O. Boxes. Void this giveaway where prohibited. Ends September 29th at 10 pm CST.

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20 thoughts on “Better Things Helps You Celebrate Real & Raw of Parenting

  1. Not so funny moments are hard on a parent. Have had many over the years. First that stands out was when my son was playing in the yard and hit his head just right on a rock, Never saw so much blood in my life. Scary.

    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

  2. This sounds like such a good show, my mom was telling me about it yesterday and I plan to watch the 2 episodes they have up online later today.

  3. With two highschoolers now, I think this show is going to be one of my new faves! I’ll be watching it while everyone’s at school/work!

  4. Well, I raise a child with special needs and I have to always LAUGH at the shenanigans. Anytime a weight loss commercial comes on, she says “Mom, you can have the body you always dreamed of! Call them!”


  5. I’m not a parent, but my parents told me once that I drew ducks all over the walls with sharpie once!

    koolkels at yahoo dot com

  6. I am only a parent to my awesome dog, but we have lots of not so great ‘parenting’ moments together. Letting her destroy something because I am much to lazy to stop her, giving her extra food so that I can have a moment to relax, and it goes on and on 🙂

  7. A recent funny parenting moment? My toddler thought my clarasonic face scrubber would make an excellent “bum tickler”!!!

    abracadabra888 at gmail dot com

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