$100 Gift Card Giveaway From Medtronic Foundation and Bakken Invitation #AD

All we have to do is look around and we will find people who inspire others. I love finding stories about the good in people and how we are helping others selflessly to make the world a better place. Medtronic’s Bakken Invitation is a huge inspiration to many and have inspired me to make a resolution to help others more in 2016 with their “Live On Give On” award nominees. These are individuals who used their second shot at life to inspire and actively help others around them through service, volunteerism and leadership. Meet the nominees and comment here on my blog for who you think should win the Bakken Invitation Award and you could win $100 gift card to do good in your own community!

#AD Live on Give on Medtronic and Bakken Invitation - jenny at dapperhouse

The people from Bakken and Medtronic Foundation are honoring people who had a second chance at life with the use of a medical device. This is near to my heart because while my husband did not receive a medical device, he did get a second chance at life when I donated a kidney to him! He had so many medical devices that got him through the surgery and recovery and is now back to normal. We have a dear friend of the family who wears an insulin pump that monitors and delivers insulin 24 hours a day using technology that even syncs up to the parent’s phones! Like the nominees for the Bakken Invitation award, these two lives matter and they are making the world a better place by being here.

The nominee I voted for and am inspired to share with you is Kerry Kalweit who like our close family  friend, has a permanent insulin pump that manages her diabetes so that she can at 25 years old, be the General Manager for Youth with Diabetes and help educate and encourage children who are also living with this disease.


Kerry is earning her Masters of Science in diabetes epidemiology and running a project that will help her advocate for test strips to be put on national tender so that regardless of location, diabetes patients in South Africa will have the resources to test their blood glucose levels and be empowered to make decisions regarding their treatment and diet.

Here are the nominees. Find the person that inspires you and leave a comment below for your entry to win $100 gift card!!


Please share the story of you or someone you know whose life has been changed or saved from the miracle of medical technology.

Bakken Community Page

Medtronic Philanthropy Twitter Page

Bakken Invitation News on Facebook

*Voting ends on March 18th 2016. One entry per person, per comment. Winner will be selected at random. Jenny at dapperhouse is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

54 thoughts on “$100 Gift Card Giveaway From Medtronic Foundation and Bakken Invitation #AD

  1. Tanya Hall is inspirational. It is scary to be born and deal with having a hole in your heart and all the side effects and health issues that arise from it. She stayed positive, worked and tries what she can to deal with it daily; she started a site to help others like her to get answers, and lives the best life she can.

    I guess I could say my husband benefited from medical technology in that it did save his life from stage 4 cancer.

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. Lisa Visser’s story speaks to me the most! I love that she is helping the homeless and that’s what I would love to be able to do as well.

  3. ANDREA VOLFOVA’s story was very touching to read. I teach children and it was upsetting to see that she had a tough childhood but I’m so glad that she was able to turn everything around 🙂 One of my close friends was competing in a softball match and collapsed on the field. She completely stopped breathing and after our coach performed CPR on her, they brought her back. They don’t know why it happened but her heart just stopped and they ended up putting a pacemaker in her. She was given an extra life and I’m so happy that I still have her in my life.

  4. I was inspired by Lisa Visser’s story having had a heart attack at the age of 26 and 26 years later she is volunteering her time towards the cause

  5. My dad, he had a stroke and had life saving surgery. Following the stroke they determined his heart was stopping for approx 60 seconds at a time causing him to lose consciousness randomly. At that point he received a pacemaker, which also monitors his rhythm electronically by sending a signal to a life support company. ❤️ He has never once complained and has kept fighting to share a life with my mom, they’ve been married 50 years.

  6. I am inspired by David Simmonds
    Prince Edward , Canada
    Parkinson’s disease

    My father suffered from Parkinson’s for many years, and David’s comment was proven so true

  7. My brother’s heart was saved from damage by getting a new heart valve that allows him to live a normal life! I like Andrea Volfova motto, choose love and compassion every single time. Such a great thought with relationships with others.

  8. My father in law who has now sadly passed away. He had a heart valve replacement and we had 10 more yrs with him here on earth. He was a made with a heart of Gold and Im so thankful to have met and had time with him. He really changed my life.

  9. My mother in law’s life has been saved with beta blocker when she had heart’s issues. I like Lisa Visser’s story because she helps homeless people

  10. Andrea Volfova’s story inspires me as i can relate to hers the most. Many people in my family have suffered from this disease and most have died. It’s sad and i’m glad she is doing well.

  11. THOMAS OKELLO inspired they all do but he really spoke to me!He said I was given a miracle and think the same thing in my situation. I was paralyzed at the age of 12 due to an accident and was never to walk again. Well a short few weeks after my surgery to repair my back I got the feeling back in my legs and was and am a walking miracle! Thanks to the doctors and the care and encouragement and a lot of prayers!

  12. my friend pearl has had a valve in her her heart replaced twice and she lives life to the fullest. I like Andrea Volfova motto

  13. Tanya Hall is inspirational. It is scary to be born and deal with having a hole in your heart and all the side effects and health issues that arise from it. She stays positive; she started a site to help others like her to get answers. My husband is with me today, from medical technology. jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  14. I love all these heroic stories! I want to vote for Dr. Thomas Okello because I was inspired and mpressed with his survival story and mission to educate and help people with rheumatoid heart conditions!

  15. I am touched and inspired by David Simmonds story about living with Parkinson’s Disease. I like that he works to help others with the disease.

  16. My mom was saved by an amazing doctor a few years ago. Her stomach had a small hole in it and was leaking blood. No other doctor could find it. Finally, that one doctor did and saved her life and I am soooooooooo greatful!!God bless my mom!!!

  17. Recently my grandson had some major problems at birth. The NICU units have come so far, it’s amazing. I’m not well educated on it but I’ve read where they can even operate on babies still inside the womb. The Columbus Ohio Children’s Hospital saved my grandsons live. God bless them. I am also inspired by nominee Tanya Hall.

  18. Sheila Vasconcellos is the person that inspires me. My younger sister found out she was diabetic when she was 5 years old. 3 years ago I donated a kidney to her and last year she had a pancreas transplant. She is doing fantastic and is now helping out the older population.

  19. I am inspired by Sheila Vasconcellos, I have family members impacted by diabetes and I love her message –

  20. I am very inspired by Twinkle’s story because I cannot imagine having to live with chronic pain. She not only has had to deal with this symptom of her medical condition, but she has used her life to raise awareness for CRPS/RSD and neuropathic pain diseases and disorders. Wow!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  21. My dad has cancer and they keep acting like he is going to pass away any day, but he has hung in there the last three years. He used to be a super negative person but is now very positive about life.

  22. Dr. Thomas Okello’s story inspires me the most.. I like that he became a doctor himself to help others and fight against the disease that so greatly affected him

  23. Twinkle’s story definitely inspired me because living with chronic pain is especially difficult. i know from experience

  24. I’m a nurse so I’m constantly inspired by all of the fighters that I see every day. I wanted to become a nurse for as long as I can remember. My brother was in the hospital quite a bit and we always had nurses that went above and beyond. I knew that that was what I wanted to do when I was older. I loved reading all of the stories but was immediately drawn to Twinkle’s story and her quote “”WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN’T, MAYBE YOU ALREADY HAVE.” I think it’s so true, that everyone has those moments of doubt but before you know it, you find yourself crossing over that finishing line.

  25. Twinkle’s story inspired me. A good friend of mine suffers from chronic pain and it can be difficult for others to understand it. I love Twinkle’s attitude!

  26. David Simmonds inspire me because Parkinson’s disease is not something we can take lightly. Yet, he still devoted his time helping those who have the same disease like his.

  27. I am inspired by Sheila Vasconcellos’s story. Type 1 Diabetes is something that our family deals with and I like how she dedicates herself to helping children with cancer and blood conditions.

  28. I like Kerry Kalweit’s story. Being a youth and sharing her story to educate other youths – that’s the way to go. Education is indeed powerful, and most of us who are relatively more privileged often overlook its power to those who lack it through no fault of their own.

  29. I am inspired by Kerry Kalweit. At such a young age she seems smart beyond here years. Instead of being depressed and hiding, she is looking at the bright side of helping others in need.

  30. I have to say Tanya Hall story so inspiring too hear. she showed how to bring situation to a group to help others with it. So wonderful

  31. I’ve been so blessed in my life and try to give back as much as I can through the donation of physical items or my time.

  32. All of the stories were so inspiring. Kerry and Qi’s stories were particularly impactful because a close family member of mine as well as a friend was affected by diabetes. It was really hard seeing the disease slowly affect various parts of their bodies and lives.

  33. I’m impressed with Sheila that while living with type 1 diabetes she is still out helping children suffering from cancer and other serious conditions. It’s inspiring.

  34. My mother was saved my medical technology when she had cancer. I am so inspired by Lisa Visser’s story, she is amazing and I love that she gives back to the homeless. I give back to the community by donating to local charity organizations and also to local animal shelters. If I won this one I would help someone in need.

  35. I love the quote by (and vote for) Twinkle VanFleet.

    I cannot say how many times I’ve been so utterly surprised this past year when I realized the reason my goals were “stalling”, were because I’d long surpassed them.

  36. I studied psychology and parkinson’s disease was always something that I was interested in. David’s DBS shows just how far technology has come and I’m inspired by his upbeat personality.

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