FREE Printables and Ideas for Summer Home Decor Subway Art

Hello dapper friends! Do you still have your patriotic fourth of July decor up? It is time to swap it out again and celebrate summer! So, here are some FUN and FREE Printables for Summer Subway art and a few ideas to get you started! I thought that candy jars would look really cute for summer. I envisioned big yellow and pink gumballs to represent lemonade, or beachballs. . . but the humidity here would make them sticky and gross. (This is why there are no fluffy muffins on my cake stand either!) So, I needed things that would last in the open air and I thought that picnic utensils would be cute! I ran to the craft store and got the packs of silverware for $1.99 each color. I got the straws for $2.99. I picked up the glass cylinders for $99 each. The wooden box I already had. I had the cake stands too, but I originally found then Super Duper cheap at Home Goods both for under $20.

Free Summer Printables and DIY Decor ideas on the cheap! @dapperhouse

I added a paper ball that represents the sun, or maybe a lemon. And bought a lemonade scented candle at the home store. Along with the printables I made courtesy of picmonkey, my kitchen space looks summer and FUN! Easy and cheap right?

To print any design you can click the link below the pic. Or, save the pic to your desktop to make your own size.

Summer time is for sippin catchin chillin and relaxin @dapperhouse FREE Printables for the home

5 X 7 Summer is for . . . Free Printable

You are my sunshine FREE printables for summer @dapperhouse

5 X 7 Enjoy your FREE Printables for every season and holiday SUNSHINE

When Life gives you lemons make a Gin and Tonic Free Summer Printables @dapperhouse

4 x 6 Enjoy your FREE Printables for every season and holiday

FREE & FUN Printables for Sumertime subway art home decor @dapperhouse


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23 thoughts on “FREE Printables and Ideas for Summer Home Decor Subway Art

  1. I love the sunshine one. I will have to print that off and frame it for my daughter and her husband. It is “their” song!

  2. Those are awesome… I have always loved subway art… I love your prints and know they would look great in our home.

  3. Those are fantastic printables. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love the look of them in the frames. Great fonts and colours.

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