5 Tricks to Lose Weight & Burn 100 Calories

Sometimes, trying to jump into a diet plan and workout routine can be daunting (if not impossible). Many busy moms and professional people have the same complaint, “Where do I find time to work out and eat right?”. Strong and problem solving women will find a way to meet their needs and I am going to help you do that today! No time? Fine. Hungry? No problem. Let’s do this!

5 ways to burn 100 calories today even when you are busy & working - @dapperhouse

1.) Doing jumping jacks for only 2 minutes, 5 times today can help you burn up to 100 calories. Seriously! I know that you can find 5 blocks of 2 minutes. Do this with your kids to dance music and engage everyone in some heart pumping health. Enter your weight on this calculator to find out your exact calorie burning amounts.

2.) Change only one meal today and lose up to 300 calories.

  • Swap a caloric drink for water.
  • Craving sweets at snack time? Instead of grabbing a banana at 110 calories, eat a 50 calorie tangerine
  • If you are grabbing lunch outside your home, make sure to find a lower calorie option. You can use this calorie counter online. For example, if at McDonalds you order the “healthy” Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich for 530 , you can order the Grilled Chicken Classic for 420 calories instead.

3.) Have a favorite TV show that you want to watch today? Do your jumping jacks, sit ups, deep knee bends, running in place and any other form of exercise during the commercials. Rest your heart out during the show. You will burn at least 100 calories in that 30 minutes alone.

4.) Stuck inside? You can sprint up and down stairs for only 8 minutes to burn 100 calories. Don’t have stairs? Dance with your kids for 15 minutes or sit at your office desk and lift hand weights (or something heavy) for 15 – 20 minutes.

5.) Do something you already do with a little more vigor. Have to clean the house? Take bigger strides, lift more things at once and put a spring in your step. You can burn up to 100 calories in a half hour. Pacing and brisk walking can burn 100 calories in 30 minutes. Take a phone call while you walk the halls, pace in your office or race around the living room.

What are some ways that you sneak health & exercise into your day?

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35 thoughts on “5 Tricks to Lose Weight & Burn 100 Calories

  1. Thanks for offering easy solutions to the “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse. Now all I have to do is get off the couch and do them!

  2. Some great ideas! It’s amazing how you can fit a few extra movements into the day. I’m a fan of family dance party breaks…put some fun music on, and everyone dances like crazy for a few minutes.

  3. Love this – there are so many ways to do get some kind of activity in. I also do some prep work on the weekend to help me eat healthier during the week – slicing up vegetables to have for on the go snacking. If I do not use them all, I make stir-fry! After I take a break for too long, I gradually work my way back in. So many people make the change instantly and are miserable, if you do it gradually with diet and exercise it is easier on you!

    • I love the idea of using the uneaten veggies for stir fry so there is no waste! I am totally going to do that. . . Stir Fy Fridays 🙂

  4. I always try to park as far out in the parking lot as I can. I also go up and down every grocery aisle twice to get more steps in.

  5. People don’t realize but many household items or chores can be turned into exercising opportunities! If you look at it that way it’s SO easy to fit a little extra exercise time in between everything 🙂

  6. Lately I haven’t been sneaking in exercise at all and I have outgrown my clothing! I am going to take these suggestions to heart!

  7. I love these tips! They came at the perfect time because I have been thinking about ways to burn calories.

  8. It is amazing to me how much the little things add up. A small change in food here, a few more steps there, and before you know it you’ve created a calorie deficit that allows you to lose weight!

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