Fancy Faberge Inspired Easter Eggs Craft for the Family

I love the idea of decorating eggs, but I am not really a fan of dye. When I went to Art Day at my son’s school they were making art from Russia and one of the projects were Faberge eggs! I thought that this would be really fun for a new spin on the family getting together to color Easter eggs. Being a crafter, this is right up my alley and it is sparkly and shiny too!

Celebrate Easter with DIY Fancy Faberge Eggs @dapperhouse

What you will need:

  • plastic Easter eggs
  • permanent markers
  • glue gun
  • gems (And other embellishments like ribbon, buttons, sequins. . . )
  • pics of faberge eggs for inspiration

Here are some of the pics that my family and I used for inspiration. . .

Faberge eggs for family Easter craft inspiration @dapperhouse DIY tutorial

Aren’t they gorgeous? It takes a lot of work to put that many gems on an egg. It is also a lot of work getting the designs straight on the eggs. There were quite a bit of engineering and math discussions during the planning and drawing stages. Here are the 3 easy steps to decorating your Faberge Inspired Easter Egg.

DIY Faberge Inspired Ester Egg Tutorial @dapperhouse

Here are a few of the eggs that we created. . .

DIY Faberge Easter Eggs Craft for Kids @dapperhouse

DIY Faberge Easter Egg Craft for the family @dapprhouse

DIY Easter Egg Craft for the Family Fancy Faberge Inspired Eggs @dapperhouse

Won’t it be fun to find these Easter morning?

TIP: For little ones who should not be near the hot glue gun, cut them out a paper egg and let them decorate it using white glue to adhere the gems. You could also follow along with your young child and make a replica of their egg on plastic as they create the design on their paper.

decorate eggs with gems this Easter with the family Faberge inspired @dapperhouse

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