Recipe for Pretty Pink Sandwich Spread – Perfect for Girl Parties

Hello Friends. Here is another Fast & Easy Recipe from jenny at dapperhouse!   I wanted a fun and pretty food for the kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day without more sugar and sweets, so I came up with this. You only need two ingredients to make the spread and the kids can and even make it on their own. Party Time! Get ready for the secret recipe for pretty pink sandwich spread. You wont believe how easy it really is. And Healthy too!

DIY Make these valentines day pink sandwich spread girls party birthday baby shower recipe @dapperhouse

You will need:

softened cream cheese

canned beets or cooled cooked beets

* To duplicate the color I made, use 1 part beets to 3 parts cream cheese.

Pink Sandwich Spread Recipe - Easy and Fast Healthy Fun for Valentines Day and Special Occasions 2 ingredients @dapperhouse #recipe

1.) I took the beets and shredded them with a cheese grater. You could also do the food processor. TIP: You want the liquid drained off so it does not thin out the cream cheese. 2.) Stir the beets into softened cream cheese and mix well. TIP: add more or less beets to adjust color level.

mix shredded beets cream cheese until blended for color Pink Sandwich Pread Valentine Girl Party #recipe @dapperhouse

Um. . . so. . . that’s it. Really. That is all you have to do.

Valentines day girl baby shower tea time birthday fancy party pink finger sandwiches #recipe @dapperhouse

One of the main reasons I love this idea for kids is because it is not sugary sweet and it is actually healthy! I eat beets often because they are high in potassium, fiber, folate and Vitamin C. They also have minerals such as iron. SO HEALTHY!

pink sandwich spread for special occasions tea valentines day birthday parties healthy fast and easy too @dapperhouse #recipe

I also love this recipe because the kids can make it themselves! Even the youngest child can be a chef and create their own culinary masterpiece.

Pink Sandwich Spread Recipe Valentine's Day Baby Shower Birthday Party @dapperhouse #recipe heart

Children can learn important skills like measuring, mixing, stirring and spreading. Even if they use it as a dip, they can have developmental fun.

Kids can make their own healthy pink dip for a party food everyday @dapperhouse #recipe #kids #healthy #DIY

Have fun making this for Valentine’s Day, Baby Girl Baby Shower, Birthdays, Tea Party and most of all, just for fun to spend time with the kiddos you LOVE!


30 thoughts on “Recipe for Pretty Pink Sandwich Spread – Perfect for Girl Parties

    • I used canned and rinsed beets and it was not strong, but he is used to eating a lot of veggies. You could always just use the juice for natural color and skip the grated beets 🙂

  1. When I read that the spread was made of beets, I was surprised. How is the taste? If my kids will like the taste it would be a cool way to get them to eat beets, and me too! I would love that.

  2. Hi Jen,
    What a great way get kids to eat their beets!
    It’s so important to motivate our children eat healthy foods and pretty pink sandwiches like these are a great way to do this.
    As always, I’m enjoying reading many of your other healthy living blog posts as well.
    I’m just pinning, tweeting and sharing!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!
    All the best, Deb

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