DiGiorno – Best Pizza for Game Time On Rollback $4.50 at Walmart

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Hey there football fans! This is such a FUN time of year for sports. Especially football when all the best teams are fighting it out in the playoff games for their spot in The Championship Game! In our home we all cheer for different teams at Game Time. My husband and boys really wanted their Black & Gold team to go all the way, but since that didn’t work out, they have picked different teams to call Their Own so that they can stay in on all the fun of the playoffs and for The Big Game on Sunday February 2nd.

DiGiorno Pizza on Rollback Price at Walmart for $4.50 for #GameTimeGoodies #walmart #shop #cbias

No one wants to cook food and miss big plays when the game is on. And no body wants to wait on a pizza delivery when they are hungry. I sure as heck don’t want to waste big time money on delivery pizza when I can get hot, fresh pizza at home for $4.50 at Walmart! Which is why my freezer is full of DiGiorno. I have to be able to feed a crowd when friends and family show up for The Big Game. Make sure to stock up like me because it is a well know fact that Feb 2nd is going to be one of the largest pizza delivery ordering days of the year. It is also a well known fact that you are going to have to wait for the pizza to be made AND tip the drivers extra AND make everyone wait to eat while it is being delivered with all the other pizza orders AND miss the game while you are ordering and paying. So. Not. Cool.

It is GAME ON WIth DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizzas #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias

I have a huge assortment of Rising Crust Pizzas in my freezer. We like Four Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme, Three Meat and a combo pizza for me (the vegetarian) with a Rising Crust, Gourmet Spices, Thick Red Sauce,  Spinach, Garlic and Mushrooms – YUM!!! These pizzas are as good as they look and Only take 17 minutes to bake. Pop them in and out if the oven so fast, you wont miss a second of the game.

Score BIG on Game Day with DiGiorno Pizza #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias

It is going to be a fun next few weekends placing bets just for fun with my sons and spending time together with family and friends. It is so funny to watch how crazy fans (like my son) get when their team is on the line. . .



A mom has got to feed those Big Time appetites! Make sure to make your Big Game Days a success with Walmart and Nestle #GameTimeGoodies and hot & fresh DiGiorno Pizzas.  GO TEAM!

Did You Know? That if you google ” #GameTimeGoodies ” you can get in on all the fun with Game Day Recipes, Football Party Ideas and more! 

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  1. Tonia says:

    Pizza is the perfect easy meal! Everyone loves it and it DiGiorno is easy to make! #client

  2. I love their pizza — the cheese rising crust version is my favorite. Definitely a great game day choice!

  3. Debbie says:

    I have never tried DiGiorno pizza. I will give them a try – they sound tasty and the price is right.

  4. I was hoping my Black and Gold team would have won as well.. Sigh! Awesome post! I am all for pizza at game time. Yummy treats!

  5. brett says:

    we are digiorno fans too. it’s just yummy and priced so well

  6. Shauna says:

    Oh my… Digiorno is a family favorite in our home. We especially like the rising crust, it is the only pizza that everyone will eat everything, including the crust… HA! Plus, like you said, it is perfect for game days.

  7. Lexie Lane says:

    We always have DiGiorno in our freezer. Somehow it’s the only frozen pizza that doesn’t get too hard. IT’s quite nice.

  8. Debbie Denny says:

    I love having Digiorno on hand when unexpected guests come by!

  9. Jennifer B says:

    Mmm we love this pizza! Looks so good and it’s a favorite with our kids!

  10. erica says:

    We love pizza at our house. I hope the price is correct. Prices are always different here in Alaska


  11. Ave says:

    These pizzas look delicious! I think they don’t sell DiGiorno pizza here in Spain. Love the photos!

  12. Angela says:

    DiGiorno makes the best frozen pizza, and it’s perfect for game day!

  13. Lisa says:

    I love this pizza!

  14. Cynthia L says:

    This pizza looks great! I am someone who loves to cook from scratch, but at times a frozen pizza is the best!

  15. Amanda Love says:

    Pizza makes everything better. Hubby loves Digiorno and makes it whenever he’s too lazy to cook. There’s usually a box in our freezer just waiting to go in the oven. I’ll have to tell him about the Walmart deal, he’ll be so happy. :)

  16. Brittnei says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m into trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but pizza is our splurging favorite in this house. My 21 month old is the pickiest of eaters and he loves pizza. It’s one of the 2 syllable words that he says well now. :) Thanks for sharing! I might have to get that for the super bowl this year!

  17. Danielle says:

    Yum! We had Digiorno pizza for dinner last night. Maybe we’ll actually have it twice this week ;)

  18. looks yummy, my kids would love this – perfect football food!

  19. This pizza is so good! Gosh, it blows takeout out of the water!!

  20. Stefani says:

    I now prefer to make my own pizza but when I do buy frozen, I usually love to go with the Digiorno. I love their pepperoni pizza!

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