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  1. Amanda Love
    Amanda Love at | | Reply

    I’m going to have to come back to this quiz since I’m on vacation and hubby isn’t with me. I don’t think he listens to me much so this should be fun to do. 🙂

  2. Virginia @thatbaldchick
    Virginia @thatbaldchick at | | Reply

    My husband and I definitely communicate differently. I often joke that he wears blue earphones while I shout from a pink megaphone.

  3. Shauna
    Shauna at | | Reply

    I think communication is one of the most important things in any relationship, whether with your spouse, child, or family member!

  4. Debbie Denny
    Debbie Denny at | | Reply

    Really great goals. Communication is tops!

  5. Heather M
    Heather M at | | Reply

    My husband and I communicate so differently too. I love the picture where you are still thinking about the cats lol.

  6. Jennifer B
    Jennifer B at | | Reply

    Yes I can totally relate to your communication issues with your husband! My husband does the same thing!

  7. Angela S
    Angela S at | | Reply

    I don’t currently have a mate but definitely need to work on my overall communication skills with family and friends. I’ve really been stuck in the work zone lately, as I like to call it.

  8. Tina Ashburn
    Tina Ashburn at | | Reply

    I don’t have a mate, and I know my communication skills are great with the public, but not with my brother. I work on it all the time, but he doesn’t work on his, so I’m fighting a very difficult battle.

  9. Ave
    Ave at | | Reply

    LOL! Love those photos 😀 Sometimes,my husband does the same thing too. It annoys me a lot!

  10. Megan
    Megan at | | Reply

    Crackin’ me up with that text! Love it. Ours looks like that often as well. The hubs and I agree that when we stop communicating, there is a problem. If we are screaming and throwing things, atleast we are still communicating, albeit not very productively.

  11. Amy Desrosiers
    Amy Desrosiers at | | Reply

    LOL! This reminded me of how my husband says the dumbest stuff in his sleep! It really annoys me sometimes though. He does a great job at waking me up as I try to figure out what he means!

  12. kathy balman
    kathy balman at | | Reply

    Lol great posy and totally true….except I think my hubby and I are reversed! Our secret is be best friends!

  13. Sharon
    Sharon at | | Reply

    My husband often laughs that I am like a shotgun. I have so many words that I have to get out and they don’t really hit anything particular . They just have to get out in the open. Communication is so important!

  14. Chrishelle
    Chrishelle at | | Reply

    My husband would say the most important part of our communication would be to turn the TV off. hahaha. I have no attention span when there are distractions. He says if there is anything he want to sneak in on me he tells me during CSI.

  15. Francine @ Teresa's Family Cleaning
    Francine @ Teresa's Family Cleaning at | | Reply

    I am going to take this quiz right now!

  16. Mama to 5 BLessings
    Mama to 5 BLessings at | | Reply

    LOL! Love the questions. I think communication is totally important if only we were not interrupted by our 5 kids in the process!

  17. Shannah @ Just Us Four
    Shannah @ Just Us Four at | | Reply

    This is hilarious! I know my husband and I definitely have very different ways of communication.

  18. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas
    Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas at | | Reply

    My husband and I struggle a lot with communication. He rarely says anything. LIke, at all. It’s a challenge, because I am a BIG talker.

  19. Diane N - Philzendia
    Diane N - Philzendia at | | Reply

    Hubby and I definitely have different communication styles. Love the tip on marrying a man that cooks. I did!

  20. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell at | | Reply

    I am so doing this with my guy tomorrow. I’m super curious about whether we’re on the same wavelength about things!

  21. Janeane Davis
    Janeane Davis at | | Reply

    This post reminded me of all teh personality and other magazine tests my husband and I used to take year ago when we were newly married.

  22. Mandi
    Mandi at | | Reply

    I want to try that picture details thing… I can already imagine what my husband’s paper would say (full of wise cracks).

  23. Stacey @ Newlywed Survival
    Stacey @ Newlywed Survival at | | Reply

    Love this post! My husband and I are pretty good at communicating with one another, but I definitely give way more detail than I need to, lol.

  24. Danielle @ We Have It All
    Danielle @ We Have It All at | | Reply

    OMGosh I totally LOL’d at this!! That photo – and the descriptions – that’s TOTALLY US!! He teases me about my lengthy and detailed stories and says that I should just say it all in one simple sentence (like he does) haha. Too funny!

  25. Heather Lawrence
    Heather Lawrence at | | Reply

    OMG. There are days when I swear my hubby and I are on a different planet from each other. He tells me all the time to get to the point! lol.
    Will have to check out the quiz…that could be interesting!

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