Cheapest & Best Wireless Unlimited Plans for Cell Phones

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I like to bargain shop on Black Friday so I have been looking at the ads and making my lists.  This weekend I ran up to Walmart to check out the store so that I would have a better idea of where things are located and what will be in stock. While I was in the electronics section looking for things on my list, I happen to see an end cap display for a cheap wireless plan for Smartphones. I thought it was too good to be true but went over to check it out. I FREAKED over their Unlimited Plans for only $40 per month! My eldest son had accompanied me and after we spoke to the helpful and knowledgeable sales associate, he decided to switch to this plan with his existing i-phone 5 because it is $60 cheaper than what he is paying now!!

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So I have to backtrack a bit here. My husband and I have had numerous conversations over the past 6 months about getting our tween son a cell phone. Life is busy and it would help our entire family out if the tween had a cell phone too. Not to mention that because of his age he is spending more time away from home and we want him to have 100% access to his family at all times. ( I want to have access to him 100% as well.)

#FamilyMobileService #cbias #shop @dapperhouse #walmart #unlimited #talk #text #web lowest prices

My husband wanted to get our little guy a Smartphone for Christmas. Our tween has already had an ipod touch for a year and has been responsible with it. The ipod touch can do everything that a cell phone can but doesn’t allow calling! So, it just makes sense to find him a cheap wireless plan.

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I decided to take a look at the phones that were available with the Walmart Family Mobile Plans. Turns out that you can use your existing phones like my older son did, or you can buy their new phones starting at only $30. I chose a mid-priced Smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit because it had all the cool features that are important to kids these days.

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Then for the plans. The UNLIMITED PLans (talk, text & web) was the lowest priced rate plan I had ever seen for only $40 per month!!! There is a $29 Talk & Text Option too!!! Best Wireless Plans EVER!! ( I am even changing my personal cell phone plan over to this ASAP.)

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So, I called my husband and let him know about it. He was on board and made a great point that because the phone is pre-paid we won’t have to deal with the outrageous “accidental” charges that surprised us every month with our first two kids. And I thought the it would be a great lesson in finance and responsibility for our little guy to help earn the payment for his phone bill each month as he sees his older brother and sister pay for theirs.

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At first I was excited and kind of disbelieving. I asked a LOT Of questions about the TOS and plan and I got my answers. Once I was actually at the counter paying for the phone and plan I was ELATED that  this “good” decision had only taken me 20 minutes and only cost me $133. WOO HOO!!! Fast, Easy and Inexpensive just the way I like it! (Best Wireless Plan EVER!)

#FamilyMobileService #cbias #shop @dapperhouse #walmart #unlimited #talk #text #web lowest prices #tween #christmas #blackfriday

Even writing this I am floored that I got an an the Lowest Price Rate Plan AND a smartphone for this cheap. I can hardly WAIT to see his little face when he opens this on Christmas! This is why I love Christmas!! seeing the looks on my children’s faces when they are feeling happy & blessed!

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I am really relieved that I took care of the big gift for my youngest son. Here is what’s left for me to hunt down at Walmart on Black Friday. . .

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(The Power Washer is for my husband who has ALWAYS wanted one. The camera is for me because mine is old and broken and I HAVE to have it for both my jobs. Oh, and the laptop is for me because again, mine is old and broken and shuts down every 20 minutes. The screen is broken and the letters are worn off. So I need some great deals!) Merry Christmas to ME!

You can See my Shopping Adventure in my Google + Photo Album!

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53 thoughts on “Cheapest & Best Wireless Unlimited Plans for Cell Phones

    • I hope so too! I was so surprised that this whole process took me no time at all – if the phones so go on sale for Black Friday then I may grab another one to replace my dinosaur phone!

    • In situations where children share time with both parents a cell phone is critical for us to know that they are in good hands and give them a way to call us if they feel nervous about things. It empowers children to know that they are not alone and can seek help if needed!

  1. I’m contemplating getting my 11 year old a cell. This looks affordable and he would love it. I know I know what does an 11 year old kid need a cell for? We live in the sticks and he’s in scouting & sports and I don’t ever want him left alone.

    • For sure scouting and sports, even going to friends houses we have to look out for our children’s safety. I doubt our boys will be chatting it up on their phones, but if they fell on their bike, or needed a ride they will be able to call their moms! I know that I may get back lash from other moms of kids his age, but I have had many times that I have wondered if he was ok somewhere, wondering where he had gone off to play, needing to tell him I was running late is a big one. . . I need peace of mind!

  2. My 8 year old wants a smart phone. I told him no way! lol he does not even like to talk on the phone! I know it is just a matter of time when I will break down and get him one. When I do, I am definitely going to go with a plan like this!! Great deal!

  3. I LOVE my walmart phone!! My brother has a different company and pays so much more, but my phone can do everything his does 🙂

  4. What a great deal! We pay a bagillion dollars every month on ours. I need to check into this. I’m on the hunt for an iPad mini for myself this year! Merry Christmas to me!!

  5. Why could you not do this post a couple months ago. We got my oldest son a smartphone and he had to maintain grades and behavior. Now he lost it and we still have a bill, hindsight is such a beautiful thing.

    • OH NO!!! I remember my daughter losing 2 of her first phones and it was painful for me! That is who I went with the $99 phone for our little guy, so if he loses it I wont have a breakdown (my daughters was so expensive). I wonder if there is any kind of replacement plan for your phone? You can almost always buy a cheap $20 phone in a package at walmart that may be a flip phone (nothing fancy) but it works so you can use the service.

  6. I don’t love the idea of tweens having a cell phone. But to be realistic, they need them. When I was younger I would look for a payphone and call home for a ride. Now a days payphones don’t exist!

  7. Congratulations to your son! He scored a great gift for this holiday season. I hope you get your new laptop and camera. Two things you need for successful blogging. 😉

    I am not a Black Friday shopper so I have no idea what the deals are out there but good luck to everyone that ventures out that day.

    • Ours started out with a touch for a year and it was a BIG Responsibility. They are great!!! He will still be using that as often as the phone.

  8. I have a tween son too and we have been having the same conversations about getting him a phone. We hesitate to add him to our family plan because that $20 a month per new line actually ends up being closer to $50 somehow (with those “accidental charges” you mentioned) and then we’re committed for two years. Love this alternative! Thank you!!

    • I KNOW! Not so funny how that cell phone bill grows so much from the sales pitch to the contract! That is why my older son awitched to this plan – he was quoted $5 and pays $85.

  9. Wow! I can’t believe you got such a great deal! Good shopping skills! lol! We’ve been thinking of switching from AT&T from some time now and may finally do so. This could be something considered!

  10. I was just looking for switch phone plans when my contract runs out in April. We currently have AT&T and it’s so expensive. My daughter also has an iPhone, and would love to keep using that phone, but every plan I’ve seen for smartphone use is so expensive. I will definitely look into this plan. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  11. I like my plan that I am on right now, but I think when the time comes (WAY down the line), this would be a good option for a teenager.

  12. Love all the awesome pictures and so much great info. I am considering ditching my carrier and changing to Walmart Family Mobile for my iPhone 5, I would be saving about $45 per month. You must let me know if the change is working for your son! #client

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