I am Itching for Another Home Makeover Project – Operation Basement

We live in a home built in the 1970’s. Most every part of the house has been updated except for the Master Bath and the Basement. Now that the temperature here has dropped to the 30’s, I am itching to do something, anything in the basement just to make it more refreshed while we will be trapped inside all winter long in Chicago. Here is what I am dealing with in my outdated basement dapper friends. Oh, and when you are looking at these before pictures, you may want to peek through your fingers so you don’t have to take it all in at once.
Here we go. . .

Going down from the kitchen. The white walls in this entry space
have not ever been repainted so they are stained as well as 
rubbed down to barely any paint left
from my trying to clean them for the past several years.
They look really bad. 
Oh yes…Dark Brown fake wood paneling. 
I heard you laugh out loud! And that face you made hurt my feelings 🙁 

More old white walls and paneling….

Popcorn ceilings too…yep!

Aaagh! There is SO MUCH paneling! Even the box windows and inlaid shelves!

I would love to paint the paneling and trim white to match the wainscoting and trim in the rest of our home, but I do not have the time while working several jobs and 60 + hours a week right now. I would settle for a painting a color over the white that would brighten things up but still be a soothing color. It would have to light while the paneling is so dark, then I could change it to anything cool once I get that white. What do you suggest dapper friends?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse

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11 thoughts on “I am Itching for Another Home Makeover Project – Operation Basement

  1. The dark wood paneling would have to change eventually I think. But I am not a DIY home redecorater! Now my mom on the other hand…. lol – She would have you redone in a flash! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Why did they put all the dark paneling in back then. It is so depressing, lol. I would start with it and the baseboards. It will brighten things up and keep you from doubling the work by brightening the top portion and re-painting later (that is what I thought I was reading) When I was remodeling our older home, I took it one wall at a time, or in this case you could do half a wall at a time. I did painting in the kitchen area wall by wall, then after the four weekends, I did paneling wall by wall. It took a while but breaking it down into walls or half walls really worked with my schedule.

  3. I’m not good with home remodeling/decorating. This being said, I’m not going to be much help. I will say though that painted wood paneling can look wonderful as long as it’s done correctly & completely. (I’m sure you’d do a wonderful job) You mention ‘popcorn’ ceilings & all I can think of is laying on the top bunk in my old room when I was little. I’d lay there & find pictures in the ceiling. You know, they way you do with clouds. lol. Yeah- see, told you I wouldn’t be much help. haha


  4. I have a tiny room in the basement. The rest of it is all different add ons as this was a house built in the 1800’s with many different rooms. I would love to make that one room a computer and game room.

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