Making Your Own Banners with Paints

Hello People!

I have working on a BUNCH of banners/buntings lately becuase they are fun, versitile, trendy and look amazing! I am making seasonal ones for myself to decorate the front window, the hearth, the big empty backsplash space where there needs to be something but my honey wont let me touch the tile or grout…but anywaaaaaayyyy. (not bitter, yet)

I like to do crafts (obviously) but I like to do them with an artistic style rather than punch-crisp precision. I am amid a family of artists so our eyes cant help but genetically stray to the more natural and handmade over the machine mass duplicated. (Nothing wrong with either in my opinion, just preference).

So here are some artsy banners I have been working on…

First I used these colors that I had on hand to mix a unique,
and antique green color that I like. (it turned out so pretty)

Then I cut a template of a triangle out of regular paper.
I traced triangles onto sturdy cardboard.
I used the insert pages from an oldtime photo album that have the clear plastic pages that you pull up and put the photos under. I did this because I love texture of the old glue lines and thought that the diagonal lines would look cool! (they do.) They were tedious to cut out, but look great. Here they are drying. Then the next day I flipped them all ove and spray painted the backs solid black.

Then I took my paper template and folded it down so that I would have a second, smaller template with the same proportions as the larger ones….

I then used a book of papers that were fun & colorful with a vintage feel to trace the smaller triangles, cut them out and ModPodged them on. I added a seal to the whole thing so that the paper is now weather and finger-grease resistant. (yea)

I didnt want to run up to the store so I used what I had to mix a gorgeous rust color. I thought it looked so good with the green and the other papers. I tink it gives an illusion of rusted metal for another vintage trait!

Here I am painting around the edges of the vintage papers for an old timey look. These took a day at least to dry becasue of the thickness of the paint but the finished product was well worth it.

I also painted creme circles and mounted them on hand cut painted black circles then mounted those onto the triangle banners. I also painted each side of a clothespin with the green and the rust so I can decide what I like best at the time that I am using them. The circles are perfect for letters!

I think that using vinyl letters are great because you can easily peel them off and change them!

Finally, I took some sand paper and roughed then up a little and Voila’ !! Here are some of them.

In another post I will show you some cool and pretty options I made for these and also how they look hanging! I hope this inspires you to make something amazin! – jenny

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse

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